7 Mind-Blowing Things Expert Travellers Always Do

The ultimate goal of expert travellers is to make the travel a pleasant experience, free from any hassles. They aim that their travel and stay should be so smooth that they cause no hindrance to the actual agenda of their business. But this could not be achieved just like that. It calls for meticulous planning, preparation, care and farsightedness. A check-list of the items to be taken and the do’s don’ts will be of great use. Expert travellers always do this. Considering the success of their planning and journey, recounting the many mind-blowing things are shared with the audience for their benefit.

1.Less luggage, more comfort: This is a universal truth. Whatever the mode of the journey- road, rail or air- experts take least number of items so that carrying the baggage is easy. This is applicable even for roller-fitted baggages. As less luggage occupies less space, this will help the vehicles to be prepared with less space for accommodating such baggages. Co-passengers also will benefit from this self-imposed discipline.

2.Always reserve and travel: Making reservations form an inseparable part of a travel. This needs no over-emphasis. Always the experienced travellers make reservation well in advance and then travel on the assured berth or seat. This makes their travel comfortable and worry-free, avoiding an unseemly experience of having to wrestle with people for grabbing seats. They try to use special quotas such as Tatkal in case of emergent situations when travel becomes necessary at short notice.

3. Taking photos or Xerox copies of travel documents: Seasoned travellers take photos using their phone camera or keep Xerox copies of their tickets, passports, Visa, identity cards, Credit cards, driver license, important numbers and contact persons, and health insurance cards. They will save you from very critical situations in case of theft or damage to your properties.

4.Expert travellers become VPN subscribers: Virtual Private Network is cheap and most useful whereby they use public Wi-Fi on their computer and phone during travel. Incidentally, this helps privacy in the transactions involving the banks, credit cards and hotel booking. So, they always remain connected safely.

5.They are confident: While travelling outside or abroad, experienced travellers put up a posture of courage and confidence about where they’re going even if they’re new to the area or country. If others find them shaky, easily they may get hoodwinked, they know. So, they keep calm and assured professing to know the area. However, they will contact persons and make enquiries with traffic or other authorities about the required place and person without much of a publicity. They keep up their posture and will power.

6.Experienced travellers take pen, snacks and water: They never forget to take a pen and a scribbling pad. Especially, flight travels will require filling up forms in immigration and customs, and hence having a pen will be most useful. Remember, a pen will not be available easily in the airport. The co-passengers may not be able to help you at that time as they might be in great hurry to move on. A pad will be useful for noting down some important information. Snacks and water will help you in case you become worn out. Taking a sink stopper will also be useful in times of need for using a sink or bathtub for your washing.

7.Expert travellers take emergency medicines: They include peppermint essential oils, some paracetamols and pain relievers in their package to tide over emergent conditions.
These are some mind- blowing things expert travellers do to make travels a pleasure.

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