7 mind-blowing reasons why oceans are important

Undoubtedly oceans are known to be the life blood of our planet Earth as well as humankind. Interestingly, they flow over almost 75% of our Mother Earth and hold 97% of the planet’s water. For the benefit of the readers, this article is aimed to enlighten the importance of oceans in our life on Earth. Read on to know some useful facts about the importance of the oceans in our planet.

Biodiversity: Organisms like coral reefs, salt marshes and mangrove are just a few of the ocean environments, that support a large number of different species of organisms . This makes the entire ocean with a high biodiversity. Mangroves not only act as nurseries for many marine species, but also work as a filtering system for the coastal water. Sea beds and coral reefs form a complete protection against shoreline erosion and flooding

Natural resources: Ocean floor is known to be a great home to many important minerals which include oil as well as natural gas, which play as a key role in meeting our energy needs.

Transportation: Oceans are not only important to sustain life in this planet, but also helps us for moving around the world and other large materials to different continents. In countries like America more than 95 percent of foreign trade passes through the sea ports.

Climate & Weather: Warm ocean waters offer energy to fuel storm systems that in turn provide fresh water to human life. More importantly, oceans interact with the global climate as well as weather.

Economy: More than anything else oceans play a key role in our global economy. They offer a great deal of employment opportunity that are marine related. As per the research more than 66% of the global population live within the range of 100 kilometers of the coastline.

Influence atmosphere: In general, our atmosphere affects the ocean and is in turn influenced by them. Oceans play an important role in making the tiny water particles to become nuclei for the condensation of water vapor to form clouds and clouds. Without this process we will not get regular rains in the specified seasons. It is believed that our atmosphere gets half of its energy for circulation from the condensation of the evaporated water from the ocean.

Protect eco system: The importance of the oceans in protecting the eco-systems cannot be debated. Oceans balance some of the most fascinating ecosystems.
As per experts oceans are gift offered to the mankind by Nature and also known as natural thermostat, without which our planet would have warmed far more rapidly than in the present times. No matter how far we live from the sea shore that we live, the ocean still affects our life to a great extent. Hence, one has to be aware of the importance of the oceans that serve the humankind as well as protect the planet Earth in a great way. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat all come from or be transported by the oceans. Are they not important to all of us?

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