7 Great questions to ask before renting a house

Finding the right house for rent is not easy and house hunting can be really boring. Some of the factors that you consider include budget, location, amenities and the likes. After having located an apartment that fits your requirements and preferences, there are few other things that you need to consider to ensure that you do not fall into trouble as long as you stay in that house. Here are the 7 great questions that you should ask before renting a house:

Can I paint?
Most people will think that the answer to this question is yes and the apartment belongs to them as long as they live in there. However, things are not the same in reality. According to most leases, when you shift out, your apartment should be restored to the same condition as what it as during the time you got it. In some leases, some landlords even forbid decorating the rooms like putting up wall papers etc.

What are the amenities offered?
This is another important thing that you need to consider. Ask what appliances are included and if dryers and washers are allowed to be used freely.

Can I have a pet?
Pet policies differ and so if you have pet or you have plans to have one, this is something that you surely should ask. Some landlords forbid all types of pets and others might allow you to keep a small aquarium. Many might allow you to have cats, dogs, bunnies and anything else that you want. Also ask if a dog is allowed when it comes with one of your visitor.

Are there any rules regarding residential quiet hours or anything else?
This is a very important question that you need to ask and more so if you are renting an apartment in a complex. A complex is a community in itself and here you will find people of all ages and these people try to live together peacefully. Most complexes have certain rules and regulations that you are expected to abide by and so make sure that you ask about these to your landlord before signing the lease.

Do I get parking facilities?
You would usually get a parking spot for yourself. Where does a visitor get to park his car when visiting you? What about parking facilities when 3 or more friends come over to stay?
What is security deposit? What is the exact amount I need to pay before moving in?
Make sure that you know what the exact amount is that you need to pay before shifting in. some landlords might want a month’s advance along with the security deposit and first and last month rent at the time of signing the lease.

Are there any rules for garbage, outdoor spaces etc.?
In some buildings you are allowed to dump only common household trash in the common dumpster and in other places you are required to recycle plastic and glass waste from food waste. No matter what it is make sure you know the rules well.

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