7 Great questions to ask before renting a condo

Luxurious homes always makes in to the list of those houses that every other people love to stay at one point in their life. Condos too fall under the category of luxurious homes that people love to stay in. These kinds of apartment can be taken on rent for some time. But before you consider renting a condo here are 7 questions that is important to ask.

1. How much is the rent?
The first and the foremost question that the individual should ask before renting a condo is the amount of rent they need to pay. A condo is costly but make sure you consult about the various charges that includes the rent. Ask for the breakup of the rent.

2. Can you sublet?
Subletting is popular options that people opt for these days and especially when it is a condo. Make sure you talk with the owner about whether the condo can be used to sublet because it is an offence and can be treated as felony if such subletting is carried away without the permission of the tenant.

3. Is there any penalty for the terminating the lease early?
There are various condo owners who lease away the condo for a particular period of time and the person who is on rent in the property if terminates the same before expiry of the original time then they have to furnish certain amount of penalty. Although this is not very common but is beneficial on the part of the tenant to understand such things carefully.

4. What are the various utilities that are included with the condo rent?
It is another question that you should ask the condo owner when you rent the same. There are various kinds of utilities that are attached with a particular condo such as parking, lawn, regular maintenance and many more. Take a note on asking what are the utilities that are provided are.

5. Are the maintenance departments of the condo on call 24×7?
To take care of such a huge and beautiful building the maintenance department needs to be on call 24×7 but yes, don’t assume such things. It is better to ask the owner of the condo if this service is available on round the call basis.

6. Is the neighborhood a safe one?
This is the most important question that you should definitely ask the condo owner. You can go on making a survey with the other houses around to know how the locality is. If the neighborhood has homes with children large in number then this is an assurance that the locality is a safe one for you and your family.

7. Are there essential utilities nearby the condo?
Utilities such as hospitals, schools, grocery stores, medical stores and police stations should be nearby to assure that the place is secured. Enquire whether the majority of these utilities are in the nearby distances. Make sure that hospitals, nursing homes and grocery stores are not far away from the condo.

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