7 Damn Good reasons to lie on your resume

If you have been struggling with landing the job of your dreams and you suspect that it is has got something to do with how your resume looks, it is time you considered taking the clever way out and getting away with a few harmless lies that would enhance the overall effect of your resume and give it the oomph factor that makes it stand out among the resumes of your immediate peers or contemporaries in your field. It is all about knowing how much to “stretch” the truth and most importantly, when to draw the line.
“Microsoft Excel? Even a kid knows that!”
While a kid may know how Microsoft Excel works, you might have some difficulty remembering. However, even if you remember nothing of the particular program, you can always use a few hours to re-familiarize yourself with it and you are good to go. So, include the fact that you know it in your resume even if you don’t remember what it does at that moment. It is lying about much advanced programs like JavaScript or HTML that you need to be wary of. This because learning these programs are pretty difficult and time consuming and would definitely take you more than just a few hours to do.
Calling spade a spade
If you worked as a junior marketer in your previous job, let’s face it, you won’t be able to get away by saying that you worked as a manager in your previous company just to score a salary hike. Equal foolishness would be to put down a make-belief work post that does not even exist in your previous company. Sure it sounds impressive in the beginning but what happens when the recruiting manager calls up your previous company to enquire about your credibility?
Don’t tell them “everything”
Resume is a place where less is more. Make your resume according to the profile of the job that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for an internship in a sales and marketing company, there is no need to include in your resume that you had previously worked as a waiter for 2 years, even though that counts as your work experience.
Overselling = Big no-no
If you are applying for the post of a content writer, there is no reason for you to include enough credits that could make it an application fit to apply for presidential candidature.
Get your degrees right
If you have a 1.6 GPA, you cannot pass it off as a 2.0, no matter how hard you try. So don’t even try.
If you have a problem, you cannot shrug it off
If you are a registered sex offender or you regularly take drugs, there is a high possibility that you would not be hired as a nanny even if you hide these facts in your resume.
Termination past matters
Just as in personal relationships, there is nothing called “mutual decision” when it comes to why you had been terminated from your previous job. So lying and saying that the termination was consensual will not help you earn brownie points. Just tell the truth.

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