7 Damn Good reasons to engage employees

Employee engagement is very important for the company as large. There have been various scenarios where it has been seen that a company that lacks in employee engagement loose on serious earning potential. It is the need of the hour for every company that has long time goals regarding the company. If you still think that employee engagement is not needed for your company then here are seven good reasons on why you should.

1. Engaged employee stay loyal: If you want your company to make a name in the ever-so-competitive market then the most important necessity for the same is the loyalty of your employee. It is seen that engaged employee are more loyal to the company and stay for a long time with the company, thus saving the cost on hiring and the training of the replacements.

2. Engaged employee have the urge to learn more: It is seen that the employees who are engaged are more focused on learning new things for the betterment of the company. You don’t have to hire professionals for such a thing and that means you end up with development from the already existing employee.
3. Improves the productivity of the company: Employee engagement means that the productivity of the employees working for you will improve and thus in turn will improve the company sales. According to survey it has been seen that the companies who have employee engagement tend to have about 21% higher productivity.

4. Your customers are satisfied: Engaged employees thrive for the improvement of the company and do all it takes to make sure that the customers of the company are happy. So, the calculation is simple happy customers are loyal customers.

5. Decreases absenteeism: An engaged employee is a happy employee. So, more the employees are happy more they attend the office and tend to take lesser amount of leaves. So, less leave means more work and more work means profit.

6. Makes the office environment better: It doesn’t come to much notice or people might not give much importance to this fact but if the employees are engaged they become happy with their work. If the majority of the employees are happy then start working contently with their colleagues and the management. This in turn helps in making the office environment better that is very important for the smooth functioning of the company.

7. Increases the profit margin: It is seen that the companies that have engaged employee are more likely to have more profits. Everything in the office is interlinked with each other such as, productivity, urge to work, enthusiasm, good office environment, less leaves, happy customers and thus profit margin increases. The company that focuses on employee engagement has experienced about 22% of higher profitability in their business.
All these above reasons are related to one another and a simple office engagement makes sure that these criteria are met and thus making the business and the company successful in a long run.

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