Exceptional crafter James Hance

James Hance is an unimaginably gifted character craftsman and painter. His specialty highlights an extensive variety of Stars Wars, Muppets, big name and popular society references. Here’s a

passage from his site clarifying his three particular styles. James seems to have three styles of painting, to a great degree expressive, for example, in one of a couple of portrayals of Heath Ledger in

the part of Joker, very painterly in pieces, for example, his Starwars affected tribute to the exemplary Hitchcock thriller North by Northwest and photorealistic “digitally upgraded” artworks, for

example, The Gentle Sith. There are a lot of in-jokes in Hance’s portfolio, and it does, every now and then, veer near socio-social remark, for example, his hauntingly exasperating piece entitled as

his music and he.

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