Paintings demonstrate feelings of new love

Korea-based craftsman Hana Jang utilizes a blend of pencil and computerized painting to make these sweet outlines. The significant accumulation seems to tell a story of youthful adoration,

blamelessness, and misfortune where the fundamental subject, a solitary female character, encounters an association with a baffling male figure made out of gold bubbles. The flawlessly basic line

drawings pass on an exquisite energy that streams from the craftsman’s pencil and into her unpredictable stories. Jang utilizes a dim dark foundation from which textured reds and gold’s appear to

bounce off of the page. Direct titles like Goodnight, Moment, or Hug leave much space for translation and Jang welcomes viewers to concoct a wide range of innovative passionate stories about

the bliss, distress, depression, and sorrow that exudes from each wistful structure.

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