When you paint a waterfall lightening

Universally acclaimed Japanese craftsman Hiroshi Senju is known for his extensive scale works of art of waterfalls painted in the convention of nihonga, a customary Japanese style that utilizations colors ground from common materials, for example, minerals and shells. The New York-based craftsman’s arrangement Nightfall is a takeoff from his standard style, as Senju utilized acrylic and fluorescent shades on Japanese mulberry paper to make the perfect types of falling waterfalls. While the sketches are lovely in each light, they genuinely sparkle in the haziness. The fluorescent materials make the work of art gleam with a spooky atmosphere, changing the peaceful nature scene into a secretive, verging on heavenly evening time scene. Water spouts from the undepicted top of the waterfall, streaming down in capable, luminescent streams to collide with the pool underneath, making foggy showers of froth and beads.

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